Oxford’s “Smart Glasses” Transform Lives of the Partially Blind

Oxford Smart Glasses, Sachin Karpe

Oxford’s “Smart Glasses” Aim to Transform Lives of the Partially Blind says Sachin Karpe. Researchers said that the glasses don’t restore lost vision but assist users with spatial awareness by providing information about who or what is in front of them. The device helps prevent limited-vision users from slamming into objects like lampposts or tumbling over kerbs and steps. In some cases, facial features are also recognizable, making social interaction seem more natural. The glasses function particularly well in low light and can be used to cope with night blindness. The “smart glasses” feature a pair of video cameras firmly fixed on the frame of the glasses, a computer processing unit that fits in a pocket and software that sends images of nearby objects (people and objects) to the transparent electronic displays in the eyepieces of the glasses.



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