Sachin Karpe’s Guidance on Investing by Age

Investment guide, Sachin Karpe
Sachin Karpe advices to everyone who wants to enjoy their retirement without having any money problems. Planning and starting investment at the early stage will help you in long run. If you are looking for a long term saving, then you need to start at earliest at the age of 30s. As soon as you begin to save your money, the less you have to save in future. Save at least 10% of your earned money (income) at the age of 30 and when you turn 40, save 15% of your income. This way you can save enough money for your retirement life. Try to invest in stock markets; it is the best option to save your money. Even the market goes down in the mean time it will recover you never know the outcome of it. At the age of 40, try to get an advice from an expert financial adviser to setup a financial goal on saving, spending and investing money. At the age of 50s you should rise up your percentage of savings in bonds, don’t shift out of stocks entirely but you still need to rest on the higher growth potential says Sachin Karpe.


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