Sachin Karpe says Stop ‘Believing Leadership’ know Why?

Leader, Sachin Karpe

Leadership lies you need to stop believing says Sachin Karpe.  All managers are leaders.” Truth: some managers can lead and others don’t or cannot. Management is a subset of leadership, not its equivalent.

Managers are good at setting up, monitoring and maintaining systems and processes. They hire people. But if they can’t bring out better performance in people and take the organization beyond where it is, they aren’t leading. Leadership always involves change, improvement and growth. “Some are born leaders.” Truth: even someone with a predisposition to lead must learn the skills of leadership. Leaders always have the right answers.” Truth: leaders ask the right questions and know where to find the best answers. If your people always come to you for answers, you’re stunting their ability to think. And if everyone in your company keeps asking the same questions, I assure you, you’re not that innovative. “Anyone can lead.” Truth: Nobody can lead if they lack the desire to do so. You can’t make people lead any more than you can make a horse drink once you’ve led it to water. Desire is the sine qua non of effective leadership says Sachin Karpe.


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