Sachin Karpe Gives Ideas on How to Rent a House or Shop

How to Rent a HouseHave recently bought a real estate property and rent it out? Here are a few tips. It has become a trend to buy a property and rent it out for investments. One needs to be aware of few things before doing so.

You could approach the nearest real estate consultant to list your property with him. He can guide you on the what rent to expect and other facets of the property law of your city. Things to keep in mind include housing society approvals, registration of property, handover letter from the developer, house agreement papers etc. This is to ensure that you are compliant from every end.

Once ensured, you can list either advertise your property on real estate websites and spread a word around for renting the property. While doing so, be as transparent as you can with the area of the house or shop being rented out, amenities and rent amount so you get the most genuinely interested people to as tenants. After all your property needs to be taken of well, Sachin Karpe explains.


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