Things to Consider Before Buying a House or a Shop

Buying Property / HouseBuying a house is one of the most important decisions that one takes. A Dream house should be just as you have thought of. Such a decision cannot be taken in haste and needs a lot of research. Sachin Karpe will advice you on things to keep in mind before buying a house.

1: Purpose: You need to identify if you are purchasing the house for a rental purpose, investment or to move in future. This is important because a few things, mentioned below, can then be worked out accordingly, feels Sachin Karpe.

2: Affordability: You need to strike a balance between what you can afford, save and spend. Once you are clear with this, you will know how much you need to pay upfront and how much you will need a loan for.

3: Location: A house, whether for your own stay or a rental purpose, should be located at a location that eases out your efforts. Basic amenities like schools, market, station etc, if located nearby save your cost. The rent and re-sale of such a property inflates faster, observes Sachin Karpe.

4: Tax: Be clear of what kind of taxes one needs to pay for purchasing a property. Taxes for a house are different from shops.


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