India Inc invests more than a billion dollars abroad

RBI released data recently and according to it Indian companies invested $ 1.94 billion overseas in August, informs Sachin Karpe.

Some of these industries are Alok Industries, Simplex Infrastructures, Tata Petrodyne, Cadilla Healthcare, Piramal Enterprises, Mercator and Bharti Airtel, Sachin karpe, citing a media source.

Alok Industries invested $165.22 million in wholly-owned units in the United Arab Emirates and the US, in companies involved in retail trade, manufacturing and restaurants.

While Tata Power invested $36.89 million in 2 wholly owned subsidiaries in Mauritius and Singapore, Mercator invested $40.75 million in Singapore, said Sachin Karpe.

Piramal Enterprises routed its investment of $48.41 million in Switzerland and a joint venture in US.


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